“Shop With The Chefs”

Go beyond retail cookware stores. Shop at the Boelter SuperStore to find everything a cooking enthusiast is looking for: restaurant quality and a huge selection at wholesale prices. Save on everything: cookware, utensils, china, glassware, cleaning supplies and much more. Cathy Boelter joins us today to highlight a few of the thousands of restaurant-quality products available.nnBoelter SuperStore is located at 4200 N. Port Washington Rd. Visit Boelter’s website for more information.
>>> and welcome. the chefs use their stuff and now you can, too. we are talking about restaurant quality products at a nice you can afford. >> how about it. >> the place we are talking about is boelter superstar. if you have never heard or seen it here is your introduction. you have to know about this place. >> tiffany and i went and visited it. first of all, it is a beautiful showroom of everything and we both commented. there it is. that’s incredible. it is super clean and beautiful to walk through and has things displayed nice and we commented on the variety of products from silverware reasonably priced to some more expensive and nicer to skillets and we will show a few of those today and anything from tools, cookie sheets and gadgets in the kitchen to bigger things like ovens and things like grills are amazing. >> i was loving the glasses. the glass selection was amazing. they have t



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