Shirley J Biscuits And Gravy

Chef Brian shows us how to make quick and easy biscuits and gravy.
. >> reagan didn’t have breakfast and i had like half of a cookie that our neighbor brought over that was fabulous. but that’s about all the breakfast i had this morning, and you’re making us hungry. brian is here from shirley jay. is this sausage. >> this is just breakfast sausage and we’re going to make our biscuits and gravy out of this. so it is one of those things that everybody loves biscuits and gravy. it’s one of the things you don’t have at home so much because of all the work and all the preparation that goes into doing it. >> you’re right, you want that homemade yummy biscuit, now you can make it quickly. >> as quick as you can. and it’s so easy, too. we started off, i’ve already gone ahead and premade our biscuits. that was adding water to our universal baking mix. scoop them out, put them on a sheet pan. 12 minutes later you have the biscuits. >> didn’t take a lot of work. l



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