Shepards Pie And Bread Pudding

Shepards Pie and Bread Pudding
will get them on air. >> we’re back in the kitchen now. it is good to see you again. last time you were here, you made that corned beef and cabbage. today, we are doing shepherd’s pie and bread pudding. i am very exciting — excited. >> to a very traditional dishes. — two very traditional dishes. >> we’re going to list the ingredients. >> ground beef, i went ahead and started the ground beef — ground beef. >> is it better to use and 80/20 versus the leanest that you can get? >> i do not think so. what started off with the ground beef. — we started off with the ground beef. you can use mountain. — mutton. if you use stake, that would be more of a cottage by. — cottage pie. onions, peas — >> what is that next to the cheese? >> this is a real. we will be adding that after we add the beef stock. we’re going to pretend that we already strained the beef. that is a very important thing to



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