Shellfish Boullibaisse

We’re cooking Shellfish Boullibaisse with Chef Paul Wade of The Stone House.
out and all the top five on foxprovidence.com,pr but for now we’ll head into i the kit ken where vincee is — i can’t c even say what you’re cooking today. what’s on the menu. >> boullibaisse. and we have got these things. new bedford scallops. they’re delicious. >> i’m picking one up. look at the size ofe this thing. it’s huge. it’s almost cooked. hey, listen. palm wade is here, and — paul au wade is here and telll us the restaurant you’re from. limb compton.li >> stoneto house, out in littletl compton rhode island and we handve two restaurants, we h raveur pietro restaurant and 1854, which is the ol d tap room and the tap room is booming this time of year and we’re here to day to make some boullibaisse. >> fantastic. you have a lot ofot ingredients, quickly. >> i have some shallots, some tear drop tomatoes, reggianore parmesan she’s, arm little bit of garlic, roasted garlic, that’s wh



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