Sheet Pan Quesadillas

Sheet Pan Quesadillas
>> i’m so excited that it’s me in the kitchen today, with shawn blanca we’re making not your typical chicken quesadillas, so if you have left over tortillas or chicken from the weekend you need this recipe. >> absolutely. so i will tell you why i came up with this recipe, nicea. because you know as a mom when are you cooking dinner for your family and standing there flipping quesadilla. >> i’ve done it. >> everyone gets their quesadilla, you are making yours, everyone has eaten and they’re gone. >> and are you by yourself. >> and you’re by yourself again at the table so i few i had to do something about that. so all we do to make these in one pan is just melt some cream cheese with a little bit of check enbroth and this is. >> this is cream cheese, your favorite kind. >> yeah. >> a little bit of chicken broth to make it runny, exactly. and then you just pile in some chicken, this is just



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