Shawn’s Chicken Picatta

We’re cooking Shawn’s Chicken Piccata in the kitchen with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
making my meal, vieance. >> yes, i am making your meal. festive in here. you can’t see me, b ut these gentlemen here are giving me a nice holiday hat in my favorite baseball color, philadelphia phillies. john granata is here from up on o the hill, he’s got the yankees hat on. not my fault. >> hello, vince. hello southern new england. good morning. >> tv’s maitre d’, another yankee fan. >> i know, b ut i’m a rhode island reindeer. my name is not for nothing but. santa’s entourage. >> >> gentlemen, what are we making today? this is shawn’s favorites . >> this is a classic italian dinner, chicken picatta. >> >> it’s his last meal, it sounds so ominous for ssohawn, so we’llha make it sure. >> we’re trying not to make it a sad occasion.sa >> it should be a happy occasion. he’s going on toheoi bigger and better things.er no crying in baseball, that’sth right. so john, what have we gote here? >



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