Several Downtown Restaurants Closing

Change of environment is causing some downtown Austin restaurants to shut its doors.
3 after 23-years in business… business… the upscale shoreline grill restaurant – next door to the four seasons hotel – is closing.the owners blame a tough economic climate. climate. just a few days ago, mccormick and schmicks seafood restaurant at 4th and congress avenue served their last customer. customer.they are just two of several high-end restaurants whose owners have decided to give up on downtown austin recently. recently. kxan’s “jarrod wise” is live downtown to look at what the moves mean. 3 3 those restaurants aren’t the only to close recently.roy’s here along third and trinity just recently closed… as you can see fleming’s next door, still in business.but some think the ritz isn’t moving out, they’re just making room for others. 3 marilyn mccray says, “shoreline has been part of the austin scene since 1988. we’re very popular with legislators, politicians. our owner jok



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