Serving Sushi With A Twist

Miya’s Sushi in New Haven gives “Good Morning Connecticut” the dish on sustainable sushi.
love eating seafood… but scientists are warning that the oceans are atbeing fished too much… shand that may spell trouble for the environment in years to come. but the good news… there is a solution, and one n, connecticut restaurant is part of it. the only sustainable sushi in the in northeast… is no iright here in new haven. and joining us this morning from miya’s sushi… su .. bun lai. bun, welcome… b we -sustainable sushi – htaow didle they get ctified sustainable? why is it important? -how did the restaurant start?-the menu- huge variety, lots of vegetarian options, unusual ingredients for more. log onto our ou webs ite at wtnh dot com.. and click on website at wtnh dot si log onto our for more. log onto our website at si wtnh dot com.. and click on the good morning connecticut weekend section. still ahead on good



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