Serve Up A Cool Dessert Of Fruit Kababs

Try this recipe from Chef Laura as a fresh way to round out the meal
the help of chef laura. we’re on course three of the fruit meal making fruit kabobs. all they can smell is chocolate. >> i know. i’m thinking except right over here. >> that’s healthy. >> dark chocolate. >> there you go. that’s all i need to hear. >> what i made over here is a ganache. it’s equal parts by weight by cream and dark chocolate. 5 ounces of cream and good quality dork chocolate. because we can, we’ll add kahlua to this. and if you like bailey’s or whatever, feel free to add that. if you don’t want any alcohol, don’t add any at all. >> when you find the good quality of dark chocolate, it’s a surprising spot. >> i found great dark chocolate from trader joe’s to aj’s fine foods. >> is it more expensive? >> you look for the percentage. you want to look for something that’s 65% dark chocolate. you look for numbers like 70% and you have a phi quality coa in that product. it will ha



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