Serios Market Cookout

serios market cookout
spring is still two weeks away. but 22news reporter jackie bruno found people in northampton that were acting like it was summer outside today. that’s right. gary goleck of serio’s market had a barbeque today outside of his store. he was grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers and selling them to eager customers. people were ling up to get an early taste of summer. every year for the past eight years he’s been picking a day in march for a winter grille. we asked him why it’s so popular. who doesn’t like a good grilled burger or a good grilled dog once in the winter? especially if i do it this late in the year, it signals the end of winter. people know they’re over who doesn’t like a good grilled winter. people know they’re ov the hump and spring’s really just around the corner. 00:33 gary’s been doing this once in march every year for the past eight years. the next time he’ll be



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