Senor Aji Spices Up The Kitchen With Ceviche

Senor Aji joins us in the kitchen to serve up ceviche using three different chiles.
broken at love. welcome to “central valley today.” i’m teresa sardina in for alex delgado and stefanie bainum. thank you so much for joining us. today’s show will get rather wild as we get ready to celebrate a special birthday. one particular cat is reaching a milestone, 23 years in the making. here to let us know who and how they’re celebrating the perfect occasion is founder and executive director dale anderson and assistant director wendy and lead keeper heather with cat haven. along with a familiar furry face to our show. thank you so much for joining us. >>> thanks for having us. >> teresa: so, this is jeff the leopard. he is playful and a little spicy this afternoon. >>> he loves to play with stuff. especially these big stuffed animals. he’s nonstop play when he gets going. >> teresa: he visited in july. >>> yes, he’ll get to be somewhere in the 90 pound bracket, 90 to 100. the oth



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