Selling Beer Soon In Nashville?

Councilman proposes “beer cabaret”, new plan to sell alcohol in clubs.
nashville aren’t allowed to sell beer… but tonight there’s a plan to change that. it’s something many of you probably don’t even know.local strip clubs are not allowed to sell alcohol of any kind. customers have to bring in their own beer or liquor.. but tonight some feel that needs to change.fox 17’s sky arnold has more. more.laura… supporters say this will actually toughen laws for strip clubs because it raises the legal age to get in. and since patrons would have to buy their beer… bartenders can refuse to sell to people who are too drunk. only on fox. fox. it’s a story you’re seeing only on fox.. fox.. it doesn’t matter what name is on the sign.if it’s a strip club…employees aren’t allowed to sell alcohol of any kind. kind. “i just want to thank all of the people in this room.”but this councilman who was elected last september wants to change that.jerry maynard is proposing a



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