Selecting The Right Wine

Adriana’s Restaurant talks about selecting the right wine with the proper foods.
francisco and vanentino from “adriana’s restaurant & wine bar” are here to teh us about wine paring so both the mind andalate can enjoy. there we go. >> happy new year to you, and valentinothank you for being here, we’re talking about wine and how important it is to every great meal but let’s walk through the stuff you brought today because you haveot a lot of selections for us, and now, valentino, do you want to kick it off for us? >> sure. >> tell us about some of the stuff that we have. >> for the app, for the appetizer, we have filet mignon, and everybody likes this. and sliced parmesan cheese. >> that’s probably one of the popular ones, right? exactly. >> people like it. and finished with, with truffle oil. >> what does that do? is it just better, the taste is better? >> nice flavor, nice taste, and — >> if you like it, i love it. and fran chess coe, talk us through the wines.



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