Segment 2: Propane Tanks For Grilling

The best propane tanks for grilling.
important to make sure you’re cooking safely.e some reminders tonight temo keep you safe.. and to get toyour money’s worth out of w that propane tank. bethne k. wurtmann reports. nats leave it to a firefighter to s how us exactly where our grills need to be this season. o nats a good distance away from your house. (sot deputy chief joseph toomey, firefighter) “being 25 feet from a wood structure or 10 from a brick structure, you’,re far enough away that hopefully the fire would be isolated to just theol grill itself.” deputy chief jim toomey with the albany fire department says to have the lid openha he when you’re opening theou propane tank gauge. and to check for leaks by brushing a mixture of dish soap and water on the juncturesr . (sot deputy chief joseph toomey, firefighter) “you’d see bubbles. because there’d bee bubbles of gas escaping.” nats making sure your propane grill is safe



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