Segment 2: Organic Vegetables

In Segment 2, does the cost of eating organic vegetables leave you feeling light in your wallet? Vince Norman explains how a Florida inventor may have a solution to put more green in your diet, and in your pocket.
feeling light in your gh ywallet? vince norman explains how a f lorida inventor may have a solution to put more green in yourgr diet, and in your pocket.et these towers may look like something out of a science fiction movie, andfi a few years ago, t hat would have been correct robert simmons/sustainable garden supply “nasa, they send tomatoes to the moon. a thirty- thousand dollar tomato to them is affordable. for you and i that’s not. so i had to come up with something more affordable.” they are the brainchild of robert osimmons, a man many wouldan call an environmentalist robert r simmons/sustainable garden supply “we got to look at t okthe quality of the food that was out there, and started asking our selves, why? when wyou look at things that are grown in one part of the ar country, then trucked and shipped to another, there’s different corporations that are involved in the middle.”



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