Segment 2: Neighborhood Grocery Stores

A new state law aims to create more locally owned grocery stores.
creaote more locally owned grocery stores . owners can get low interest loans up tore 350-thousand d ollars. the goal is to combat c oklahoma’s obesity problem, by providing a healthy alternative to shopping at convenience storesco. in tonight’s segment two, 2news reporter krista flasch shows how the plan would woourk in tulsa. deborah perry remembers a time when she could walk to a neighborhood grocery store. she’s trying orto revive that old time tradition in the pearl district..an area of midtown that’s being th re-developed. “i’ve been into healthy foods… for a long time.” right now, the site she hopes to lease needs a lot of work, but perry sees the potential. “the tenant at the ehend as well as i will have sidewai lk h seating. it’ll be cafe style. you can ride up, ywalk off your bike, have a little cool drink on th e patio and talk to friends.” nats putting away cans that commun



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