Segment 2: Dr. Oz’s Top Foods To Avoid

Dr. Oz takes us to the store with a list of the five foods you should never put in your cart.
doctor oz. in segment 2… he takes us to the grocery store with a list of fiveth foods you should never putu in your shopping cart. sot “these are not real foods.” dr. mehmet oz carefully reads food labels when he shops – avoiding all mystery ingredients. graphic (number 1 – mystery ingredients) sot ” number one – if you can’t read the ingredient lab el and understand what’s in there, you don’t want to have those foods in your grocery cart.” (audio track) doctor oz says the toughest choices about food should be made here and not at home. begin by reading labgiels and only buying what is good for your family. the first five ingredient s should be healthy foods… graphicic (number 2 “head fake” foods)” not “head fake” foods. sot “these are foods that argue thguey are low fat or low chloolesterol or low this or l that…” dr. oz says if they f take something out – theyng add something bac



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