Secrets To The Perfect Burger

Secrets to the perfect burger
secret to the perfect burger. >> when you put a burger on the grill or grid will, it actually after while plumps up like a football. then you know, the expert grillers take their spatula and push it down and squeeze out all the juices. i kind of fake out the burger. i make an indentation with my thumb in the middle of the burger, like a well. then i season it with salt and pepper. i don’t put anything in the burger itself. no onions, peppers, garlic. that’s meatloaf. as the burger cooks it’s going to come back to the shape that we want it. we don’t have to push it down d get it back to that shape. >> and get your beef pancakes. >> that’ right. i flipped it one single time. >> aburg hear to have cheese on it. >> i’m a cheese burger guy. i have to have a cheese burger. there’s got to be extra cheese and it has to be melted completely. what i like to do — take a little bit of water, put th



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