Secret Recipe For A Superstar Child

Robin PaulnMother of NBA Superstar Chris Paul
success in life you often they he or she must have had a good upbringing, right? what goes into creating a superstar. robin paul mother of nba star chris paul is here to share secrets in raising a successful son. good morning, robin. >> thanks, carley. thank you for having me. >> i’m so glad you are here. tell us, is your son both a superstar on and of the court as well? >> he is. but you know we really admire the things that he does off the court. >> right. exactly. tell us, did you know that chris was going to be this big star athlete when you were raising him? >> no. we had no idea. chris has always been very energetic, they athletic and very competive in everything that he does, even board games, monopoly, bingo, all of that. he is very competive. he always wants to win. >> what do you think is different maybe about chris than other kids who are wanting to be successful on the court?



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