Second Spring

Second spring
he has some natural secrets that will help any age. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> i am not even kidding. not just because you’re standing here, this takes you back to the basics. natural, what’s good for your body and what helps you. >> second spring is about rejuvenating your health so you can take charge of your life. >> you have a lot of celebrity clients. what’s the main beauty tip you give to them? piece of advice? >> be happy. >> i like that. >> i’m serious. if you’re happy on the inside it reflects on the outside. >> let’s talk about the outside. you have a natural remedy for getting a better complexion. couple of things we can try. >> couple of my favorite tips here, asian pears. wonderful for dark circles. you can eat this with port or as one of my friends said, some cheese. you can do it however you want. i like to steam it with honey inside. makes a wonderful dessert.



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