Secchia Institute For Culinary Education

The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education has over 60,000 for educating students interested in in the culinary arts. Maranda received a tour of the amazing facility.
“where you live” ? ? ? ? if you love to cook, you have to check out the amazing place we are at in downtown grand rapids. randy, i’m loving it here. >> welcome to in the sti toot, maranda. you are right. wear bit of a secret in west michigan but our stars starting to shine. we got 60,000 square feet to help students understand and learn about the craft of the pastry chef and the art of the savory chef. everything from giant production in temperature-controlled decorating rooms? >> ment how many student here? >> 750 students about half of them almost exactly are women. half are men. the averagege about 28. >> iredible. well, where can we start? >> why don’t we start in the bake chef with bob. bob coincidentally the founder of this program 30 year ago. >> sounds like perfect place to start. >> outstanding. >> welcome to 104 bakery class. this beginning backing class. they learn mixing meth



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