Seattle Tailgaters

Seattle tailgaters
just got to see it. right now, how do they tail gait in other cities? every been to a game and checked out the tailgate? i was recently in seattle and i was actually pretty impressed. there was a lot more than just sushi on the menu,take a look. what are you grilling up? >> bacon wrapped corn dogs. >> how did you make them. >> we took corn dogs bites and the massaged out the macage, grill them on a low temperature and that is what you disblet what is under there. >> we have jalapeno stuffed poppers, bacon wrapped with a five-cheese blend inside them, and it’s basically blu cheese, cream cheese and gruyere, chives died in there. >>ium, i’m impressed. we’re great green bay, some would say that you guys in seattle have no idea how to tailgate? >> whatever, give me a break. >> do you tailgate for the game. >> we do. >> all the time? >> this is the man right here. [laughter] >> i was expectin



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