Seattle Farmers Market

pikes place market in seattle
>> welcome back. i wanted to dig in and show you this veggie lasagna. always best to let lasagna and things like this cool just a little bit. that way you can slice into it and get the perfect slices. how good does that look? find me a fork. speaking of farmer’s markets we are celebrating the farmer’s markets. the most wonderful place to go and take it all in. probably the mother of all farmer’s markets is in seattle pikes place market. that’s the place they throw that fish around and i was lucky enough to go there recently and what can i say, enough talk from music to food to flying fish to produce and flowers. i ate my way through. i was there for hours. and abby. both you guys. take a look. >> bike — pike’s place started in 07. it’s the longest running market in the country. they get over 10 million visitors a year. january, february with the tulips and run all of the way through oct



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