Seatlle Recipe

crab dip from elliotts oyster house
in seattle. we make a dip that people go wild over. people in green bay would really like it, it’s great. you can serve it in individual portions or do it family style. it’s a crab and shrimp dip. with a little bit of artichoke hearts. onions. peppers. mayonnaise, cream chese. a little bit of flour to bind it all together. so with a we’re going to do is start with our cream cheese. mayonnaise. i like to use best fods, for some reason that seems to work. better than some other brands. a little bit of flour. and some crab base. if you can’t find any crab base, you can also use clam base, that’s all right. any kind of mixer or food processor, with a flat blade, will work. so you can se our mix is looking fairly smooth now, and it’s time to start adding the rest of our ingredients. start with your vegetables first. got a little green onion there. a little bit of diced-up artichoke hearts. so



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