Seasons 52

new healthy restaurant
>> tracy: wow. >> andi: hey guys. >> tracy: good morning. you’re here working early, thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> tracy: 400-calories, i’m sure that’s a reaction that you get a lot, come on. >> it’s easily inspired and oh, by the way happens to be good. the restaurant is right for the times. >> andi: is it a transition or a flavor. >> it scientifically blocks your taste buds. we’re here to give you flavor in a light way. >> tracy: do you like the challenge? look at traditional dishes and find new ways to do it or do you start from christian. >> i always start with a blank plate. it’s not what we take away but the quality of ingredients that we add. we’ll take a light salad, and we’ll show you two different protein applications that you can add to that, and george will share wine tips, and then we’ll finish with dessert. >> ai: the desserts are amazing. >> we’ll get ready



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