Seasonal Vegetable Dish

Seasonal vegetable dish
marianne and anthony scotto show us how to cook up a great meal with seasonal vegetables in today’s “better bites”. >> it not only should look god, but it’s got to taste good. hi. i’m marianne scoto. >> hi. i’m anthony scotto. >> this is my son. and we’re from fresco by scotto restaurant. we’re so happy to be here with you today. and we’re doing a vegetarian dish, fusilli with seasonal vegetables. boy, is it god. >> i’ve got this pan realy hot for you. >> i know you do. >> a little olive oil. >> would you put a little butter in there? >> let me do that afterwards. garlic next. >> ok. and the onion? >> yep. what we’re looking to do is to brown the garlic. start with the vegetables, mom? >> yeah. anything you want. >> carrots? >> carrots. >> red and green peppers, broccoli. this could change as often as the seasons. correct? >> it will. it will change with seasonal vegetables. >> a little



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