Seared Scallops And Stone Ground Grits

Seared Scallops and stone ground grits with Stove the Restaurant
want to hear from you. we will do our best to get them on the air. >> we are in the kitchen with the owner of a portsmouth restaurant and we’re making a delicious dish involving scallops. good morning. what is the dish we are making backswept is not complicated. we will do a pan roast with some olive and fennel. we will add some beautiful basil and put it on top of these grit cakes and serve it with pork belly. >> lots of fresh ingredients. i know use fresh ingredients in your restaurant. we have all of these ingredients the sample. let’s start with the first step. >> i have my pan hot now. this is 40% hot. it reduces nice. >> that is a hot pan. >> that is probably about four dances of cream. it will be about an ounce per person — that is probably about 4 ounces of cream. we will put some of this wonderful pork butter. and we have some of this basil. >> you say you grow this in your gar



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