Seared Scallops

We’re cooking Seared Scallops with Red Stripe Narragansett.
speaking of needing help, let’s head to the kitchen right now.ch >> i’m having a hard time picturing ben clipping coupobens on the weekend. jamie is with us, look u at this, those are scalloosps the size of baseballs. what are you going to do with those this morning? >> this is a nice simple summer dish, a pan seared scallop, lemon vinaigrette, clean, fresh, simple dish to do.is >> i like its simple part of it,t, because teams when the ingredients co me in, there’s a’s list of two pages of ingredients. it rattles my cage a little bit, but this looks real, like even a guy like i could — >> straightforward. the lemon vinaigrette, pawn sauteed, theee apple with the frise and the dressing, it’s nice, and the scallops, you could eat them right now.ht >> red stripe, merit, what’s going on down there? >> the weather has been unbeli evable, musicev, c every day, we havee dollar oysters,te dolla



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