Seared Salmon And Heirloom Tomato Panzanella

Make this light and healthy dish for dinner tonight.
] >>> here in the desert, it’s all about light meals in the summer, and that’s exactly what we’re magda, with chef girard. now, you’re with passion fish, a nonprofit group. tell me about that before we dive right in here. >> ten years ago we founded a nonprofit to educate people on sustainability of the ocean, what’s good to eat, what’s not so good to eat, what’s going to be around, how we can make a change, how we can all do something better. i go around the country hosting educational forums, dinners, talking to schools, conferences, seminars, and trying to make a difference. >> well, sounds like you are making a difference. you’re going to make a difference today. you’re going to help us with a very light meal. and it involves fish. >> a light, quick meal, yes. sustainable. we have sockeye salmon, available in alaska right now, sustainable, healthy. i try to educate people on their he



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