Seared Halibut

seared halibut
>> we are back in the kitchen. david is here. you guys are cooking up a storm already. look how beautiful and colorful id is. we will be making a seared halibut with special sauce. why don’t we let folks know if they want to follow along at home or want to know what is in this recipe, give them a list of ingredients. >> there you go. let’s get started. here we have some roasted grape tomatoes. we have some fresh kosher salt and some fresh ground pepper, garlic, red bell pepper, onion. the star of the show is the of it. >> that is going to stay in the refrigerator for a few minutes. the sauce is a little more involved. should we get started with that? >> absolutely. we have our tomatoes already sliced. >> are these great tomatoes? >> yes. you can get any type of a cherry tomato or a grape tomatoes. >> would you use big ones? >> you could. for this recipe, we are using the little ones beca



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