Seared Cod Loin

The chef shows us how to make seared cod loin
that at home. that’s when you know you have a real chef. we are searing cod today. >> we’re just going to lightly — see the smoke? >> yes. that’s why we have the fan on you. the fish is seasoned on both sides with salt and pepper. fish always away from you. always away. there you go. >> like a pro, vince. nice. >> so let that seer nicely there. >> okay. >> this is trick tow cook. >> you always want to remember, you always want to have a hot pan. there is natural sugars within the fish and that is the carmization that will happen. so if the pan is not hot enough, you won’t get that nice brown carmization, natural crust that the fish has to offer. >> now how long to cook it for? >> 8 minutes. we’re going to seer this nice and put it back on the p then we’re going to place it back in the sauce, almost poached within the sauce so you get the natural flavors. >> it all cooks together. >> ext



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