Sean Daly Wiregrass Mall

Sean Daly visiting with the chef from Cantina Laredo
>>> here is the thing. when shaun daily shop, he gets hungry. and when shaun gets hungry, you have to look out. he is at the shopping wiregraph in wesley chapel. >> reporter: the shops at wire grass. wire grass. too many margaritas earlier. look at this. this is can tina loredo. they brought out the spread. i have jason, the manager. what makes you so good. the buzz is hot about your restaurant. >> the restaurant is great. we make the margaritas from scratch. we use fresh lemon and lime juice. >> reporter: you threw us for a loop. we make the salsas and dips from scratch. >> we have a couple of entrees here. this is a steak wrapped around a pa been know pepper. it is stuffed with shrimp, jack cheese and onion. >> reporter: dylicious. >> normally we use utensil in the restaurant. >> reporter: we are slobs. we don’t care. we also have a fresh sea bass with a sauce made from scratch. we rec



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