Seafood Salad

We’re cooking Seafood Salad with Mike and Rocco Andreozzi. Mike and Rocco recently won a cooking segment at URI’s Big Chill.
we’re going too head over to the kitchen right now. patrick little. >> mike and rocco are joining us this morning, and they bidy on an auction item to cook on “the k rhode show” with us, rocco tell me about the process to join us here this morning. >> well, this isth my birthday present. >> oh. h. >> actually, michael bought this for my birthday, which was in march, and here we are, so i’m really excited about it.ut >> and this was down at uri. >> yes, for uri’s bigs chill weekend, an auction item, awhich had to be purchased because my father is such anch incredible e cookok and i thought this is a great way to t showcase s him in the small state of rhode island. >> what do you call him, pasta pa. >> pasta papa.a. >> mike’s father-in-law is a pharmacist and we cciall him pop a pill. >> so after you eat papa pasta’s bill, you go to the pharmacy and get a pill. >> i hope a tumpasy ache is



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