Seafood Recipes From Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant

Shrimp and fish dishes from Chef Ernesto Ramos
welcome back… with thanksgiving just a few days >> welcome back to “san antonio away… the meals in between living.” you know with thank for dinner aresgiv harder and hardering just a few da to plan–since theys focus is on the big awa feast on thursday.y, the meals in so, stop stressing! we have an easy and between are harder and harder to delicious way toplan solve your dinner since the focus is on dilemma. the big macita’s is joing feast us with some simples on thursday. seafood recipes that you can either well, stop stret make at home or enjoy in thei stressing restaurant! here now is ernesto because we’ve found an easy way to solve your dilemma, and ernesto ramos is with us today, thank you for being with us today. >> thank you for having me. >> and you have a wonderful restaurant, and i like to m your green saws with y ramos with more…ou r coming up… red how you can help us,



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