Seafood Newburg

We’re cooking Seafood Newburg with Jarod Higgins from Flare Brick Oven Bistro.
get them going. right now, we’re going tong head over to our t kitchen, with, patrick, who is wearing ainn apron. what’s going o n inoi there? >> i don’t have the apron on just yet. i tried to getet through two segments with jarod from flare brick oven bistro. how are you doing? your located in coventry, right? >> rig ht. >> we’ve had a great weekat for seafood on “the rhode show” ande you’re going t o finish strong with another great seafood dish. >> absolutely. it’s the summer of t seafood, and it’s what everybody isha doingy this summer. . what we’re doing today iois a seafood newburgh, it’ss a rich decadent seafoodde dish. we have chopped cod hd pieces, fresh chopped clam meat, fresh baked lobster, newburgh seasoning, which ison cayenne pepper ander cinnamon, salt, pepper , brandy, egg wash and nd heavy cream. when it all comeswh c together, it’ser a wonder in a sautee pan.pa >> that



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