Seafood For The Holidays

Captain’s Galley is back in the kitchen.
all over the whole turkey thing, right? so then let’s switch to seafood for lunch. the ladies from captain’s galley are here with a great recipe to are and talk about what they have to offer there. kelly and kala joins us now. hawaii for coming in. the fees is looking amazing and it is all seafood which is really, really great. tell us about captain’s galley, how long you’ve been there. a family owned retaurant. >> a family-owned restaurant, right. we’ve been there about 30 years, specialize in seafood, known for prime rib, chicken, pasta, everything. large portions. >> on the beach so near the water. >> across the street from the beach. >> more people in the summer or you keep it up during the winter. >> definitely, we have an outside tiki bar, outside live music. >> but they hear tall and what you have cooking up perhaps they’ll come now, no doubt. this is a fried seafood platter. >> i



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