Seafood Cannelloni With Bechemel Sauce

Another delicious dish from Tolli’s Apizza.
and truean favorites, anthonyon paluso and his son invite you to tolli’s pizza in ezzastn new haven and today they will show us all l another delicious dish fromr their menu. good to have you both here. anthony senior and junior. now, what are we making today, one of your familyf fmiavorites. >> it is a diferent item not necessarily on the regular menu, it is going to be on the new restaurant but it is a seafood cannelloni. >> what is that? >> instead of having the chese filling it is spinach with lump crab meat, chese, egg andd parsley mixed in. it has a flavoring in vthe spinach when i cook this down and then we will add a sauce ine itnd rol it andt top it with sauce and bake it in the oven. >> you said we will all learn how to make it and we will se if we can fall off on our own if not we can come to you for that. start with the pasta if we can. this is homemade pasta. >> yes, homemad



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