Sea Of Opportunity

Pacific Andes FY net income rises to $67 million. (Asia Confidential)
such as china as well. a nearly 40% jump in fiscal year 2009 earnings. more than $63 u.s. million dollars equivalent. joing us, dr. shane oliver joins us. welcome to the show. i thought the people were pulling back and going really, really cheap in the way they live and here you come through with an 11% or 12% jump in revenue and a 30% jump in profits. how do you do it? >> well, we have a very good business model. we have a global growing demand. also that there is a growing demand of health conscious consumer. the product that we’re selling is in the lower price range. we can meet this cris quite well. >> we’re talking about when i go to the supermarket and the vacuum-packed some mackerel or sole of things of that nature. we’re not talking about the ocean trout or the loch ness in scotland or the chilean sea bass. you’re identified as a frozen seafood supplier. >> that’s right. underuti



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