Sea Bass With Carrot And Vanilla Nage

We’re cooking Seared Sea Bass with Carrot and Vanilla Nage with Aspire Restaurant .
to k see what isd)is cooking today. patrick what’s going on. with robbie frombiom aspire. welcome to the rhodes show. we had some video earlier you were just focused and game face on and running around in here, this smells great.g you started the process t ofce cooking what?wh process of carrot vanilla nage. chinese black ricein on burner right now. >> all it to prepare there sea bass. i have one seared off right rnow. ahead of me. >> but, what do we haveve here? right here we have mushrooms hr cream mushroom.muom pork, give you saltiness to go against sw eet flavor the sauce. >> side of some chips.ch sweetee potato to give aiv crunch tocr the plate and thethnat these are allse spices i used for carrot nage cue min, fresh pepre corn, phenyl seed. >> what is this lovhiely sea bass >> that is the sea bass itself. all right. flip that over again. i haven’t washed my ha mnds. >> what do you



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