Scrapple Puts Skyway Jack’s On The Map

Food Network magazine boosted the reputation of Skyway Jack’s in south Pinellas county as the star breakfast location in the state of Florida for one very unusual dish — “scrapple.”
Reporter: legendary in south pinellas county for over three decades, skyway jack’s reputation has gone national. The july issue of food network magazine listed one breakfast location for each state. And skyway jack’s became the star of the state of florida with its scrapple. Original owner jack thomas brought it from philadelphia and soon his scrapple became a staple at skyway jack’s.nnIt’s like sausage mush. Fried mush with sausage in it.nnReporter: so what’s in scrapple?nnAll the scraps. The heart, the liver, the brains.nnReporter: okay, don’t ask. Just eat it.nnI’ll have the scrapple breakfast.nnReporter: or don’t.nnI don’t know what scrapple is. I wouldn’t entertain the thought of ordering it.nnYou want to try a little scrapple?nnNo thanks, i’d rather eat my hamburger.nnReporter: does it come down to taste buds?nnThe people that order the scrapple are the people that know what it is.



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