Scouting For Food With The Utah Food Bank

Scouting For Food with the Utah Food Bank
you can go out to help you talk to them. boy scouts are teaming up with the flu back to help the. and you can join in. we have jeanette here from the utah food bank. this is today’s sponsor segment. thank you for being here. however the boy scouts helping out this weekend? >> we have partnered with them for a while. it is a statewide project with utah national guard and $50,000 volunteers forces tomorrow. it is important because the communities participating, the food drive collectibles in the communities. it is an easy way for us to be sure that the folks across the state are getting help. >> brian: says if you have a great event to help people in need. what are the scouts doing specifically?>> they are very busy. have been taking reminders and hanging them on doors of the homes.hopefully you got a tad to give your list of items. >> brian: identity that actually now that you mention it.



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