Scoopable Pies

Scoopable pies available at Movie Night in Wooster Square Park in New Haven
>>> our next guest is known around town for the fresh scoopable pies, but there is one catch. you can only taste the mouth-watering creations at certain charity events. they’re here to tell us about the event and tell us how to make the scoopable pies. thank you for being here both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> all right. today we are making a certain type of pie, which you will be serving up this weekend. what is this one? >> we are preparing a cinnamon strusle apple pie, scoopable pie, prepare them in seven-inch personal size pans, and they’re very light and airy and fluffy and delicious and about one third of the calories of a normal pie. >> that sounds good. what is a scoopable pie? >> well, a scoopable pie, you don’t cut into a scoopable pie. you take your spoon — >> dig into it. >> take a big bite — >> i don’t believe in — in order to cut in a traditional pie, cut into



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