Schwarz Supper Club

supper club in st anna
parents started it. i took it over in 1970, and have been here ever since. it’s 53 years, 54 years. just a traditional wisconsin supper club. we are family-owned and operated, the whole family works. my son charlie and his wife, stfe anniversary anne, and my — stefani and my lovely wife, lisa, she probably works the hardest. we just put out a very good portion of food, and we prepare it in-house. we predominantly a steak house, although we do serve al types of fods. chicken, seafood, but predominantly steak. probably 60% of the fod we sell are steaks. sure, people come from all over, green bay, milwaukee, some people in thnorthern part of illinois drive up and they’ll stop at kohler for lunch and come over here for super. they really like the uniqueness of our steaks and our food, hospitality. a lot of regular. most of our business is repeat business. we do zero advertising, no televisi



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