School District 11 Investigates Fishy Meat

A NEWSCHANNEL 13 viewer asked us to look into beef shipments to D-11. The email claims the meat may have been in the freezer for more than one year.
ask.. we investigate.. you had concer about the meat, d-11 is serving to your kids… new on newschannel 13 at five joe dominguez is live, with answers… d-11 admits just last week they conducted an investigation into the quality of hamburger meat but add it’s not because they were serving bad meat. a viewer tip questions the quality of the meat school district 11 is getting from its supplier ranch foods direct… in colorado springs. the viewer tells us the school switched out 100 cases of odd colored hamburger patties… for meat that had been in cold storage for one year. 11:02:52… that would be concerning if that were the case but that’s not the case. d-11 food and nutrition director rick hughes says the questionabl e meat never smelled bad. the discoloratio n came from oxidation and was pulled before it was served to students. 11:05:04… it was fine it just wasn’t the product qu



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