Scallops From Nellie Green

Seared sea scallops from Nellie Green’s Restaurant.
joing us now to talk about nellie gren’s restaurant, the owner mike and chef shawn. thank you for being here. >> tha nk you for having us. >> you’re in branford, on the water, a beautiful spot. >> it is a great spot, directt water front, a nice, big outdoor patio and speak easy back in the days of nellie grllen were tough to find. we’re a litle tough to find but it is worthh it. >> this must sbe the ideal tidme of year to getof outet on thatth patio. >> it is. >> what are we doing today?d >> a pan-seared seaea scallop. >> i’m going to switch spots with you so you can get us started. what are we doing? >> fir st thing to make the sauce, we will sweat the shallots down inlo a little bit of hot oil. >> that is the term, sweat them. >> don’t want to fry them, don’t nt to brown them, just get the oils out of them. >> that makes sense. >> and really flavor the oil here. for the zucchini cakes,



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