Scallops And Shrimp

Scallops and shrimp
thought the best contestant was and still is kelly clarkson. >>> not sure what to do for dinner tonight? how about some sauteed bay scallops and gulf shrimp. rhiannon is in the kitchen with one former food network star contestant who’s pretty handy with the skillet. >> chef brett august is here to show us a wonderful dish today. you may rember him from “the next fod network star” reality show. >> i am going to do some bay scallops with gulf shrimp. i’ve got a hot oil, some extra virgin oil. >> we’re getting it all steamy in here. >> sounds good. ready to go? keep smiling. look at those white teth. >> thank you. i paid him to say that. we’ve got the scalops in. tell us what you’ve been up to since the show. >> what i’ve been doing is — >> ooh. you’ve got it real hot. >> yeah. nice and hot. i want to sear these scallops. i’ve been doing the news for “better” conecticut and some cooking st



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