Scalloped Harvest Potatoes

We’re cooking Scalloped Harvest Potatoes with Retired Chief Justice Frank Williams.
go to the kitchen. vince, what’s going on.t’in >> we have former chiefef justice frank williams here inll the kitchen with u s here and before we get to cooking here, unfortunately, we want to talk about an issueue that something that, you know, it’s not pleasant. >> no, it isn’t. >> you’ve been>> involved inlv newsn the la st couple othf months, in the middle of a messy divorce, you took an interest, and correct pelleron if i’mll i wrong, just give everybodybo an overview, you had a femahale driver, your, took an interest ines their family, there was a w divorce proceeding that started, husband accused you basically of beingin the wedge between the two of them. .>> right.>> right. >> where does thes case s ctand and what are at your feelings? >> well, there’s been al, resolution, at least temporarily for them, as far asm, somefa issues. on the way to a final divorce. ce but this has bee



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