Scallop Chowder

We’re cooking Scallop Chowder with Chef Michael Conetta from The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar.
kight. >> school stuff. let’s head over to the kitchen. patrick?tr >> that’sha guys. michae l conetta fromttm the newport or restaurant gro up. >> how are you. >> i’m great, because you are going to make — >> chowder.>> >> two time award winning chowder. ow not one, but two. >> goi ng for three>> this year. >> the threepeat.hr kind of like the celtics used to do. anyway, what’s in the ingredients? >> pretty basic chowder. .anybody can make this at home. we have bay b leaves, wh lite wine, half and half, water, some fresh dill here,er some clam base, some fresh scallops,op parsley, all purpos e flour, some butter, onions and corn.on >> ok. now is this ahi white chowder? >> it ist definitely a white chowder. ow it’s nice and hearty.. >> you said it’s easy’s to make? >> it is, iit’s very easy to make. there’s not too many steps. we have the recipe on line. >> total process takes how long?



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