Scaled Back New Years Eve

More people are opting to stay in and buy less expensive wines this New Year’s Eve.
to our economy. newschannel 15’s janice allen is in studio 15 with the story. if you’re cutting back on how you ring in 20-10, you’re not alone. more people are holding their money a lot closer…and simply staying in. it seems the economy has most passing up extravagant new years eve plans, for smaller parties at home. giving up confetti and champagne toasts, for cheese trays and chips. 35:14 “it’s pretty much the same trend we had last year, a lot of stay in folks, a lot of parties..” so, area grocery stores like scotts are capilizing on those plans.. laying out plenty of party items…coveniently where customers can pick them up quick. and the scaling back..isn’t just with snacks…. 40:25 “it’s been a little difficult. people are trending down..” people are also pinching pennies when it comes to fine wines and spirits this year. 40:34 “your scotches, your rums are all very slow. they



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