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What is the difference between regular ketchup and fancy ketchup?nWhat kind of animal is Mr. Snuffleupagus?nWhy is sandwich bread square and sandwich meat round?
?? >> well, i had never thought of that question before. i have no idea. >> i don’t think there is any difference. >> just plain. >> probably nothing. >> fancy ketchup might come from the green kind. remember that? another country like france or something. >> a better bottle. >> it might wear an evening gown. >> i don’t eat ketchup. >> maybe it looks better or costs more. >> it’s more expensive, too. >> special vinegar. >> it might do a little dance for you. >> a tomato. >> this is going to be a great interview. >> fancy tomatoes. >> fancy soup. >> more dressed up and it’s more formal. >> a mix between an elephant. >> snuffleupagus is a big, tall, furry brown thing. >> and a cat. >> a rabbit. >> is it an anteater. >> a bear. >> a giant woolly mammoth. >> an elephant. >> a platypus. >> it’s an anteater. >> well, because — >> you always get a bite of bread without your sandwich. >> you kn



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